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The Life Aquatic by Pigro Felice®.

Pigro Felice® is a label of Aquachic lifestyle designs.

Pigro Felice® means "lazy" and "happy" in Italian. Those two words reflect the spirit of the pool lifestyle.

From its AquaChic® apparel collection to its inflatable Modul’Air® series of innovative furniture that creates floating play spaces, Pigro Felice® brings style to patio living.

Pigro Felice® has developed a unique PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is Phthalate Free and is non-carcinogenic. Unlike other PVC products on the market, Pigro Felice®PVC material is safer for the skin, and the kids .

All Products have been developed by designers working hand-in hand with engineers to create items that have been crafted with the highest standards of quality, safety, and durability - and yet still look stylish and elegant.